It is a pleasure for us to offer you the key to our Wunderkammer, a publishing house of wonders in which the chosen pieces are not stuffed animals or amazing minerals or exotic plants, but books: literary rarities in the best sense, unique pieces, singular texts, unknown works of great authors and great works of unknown authors. We claim the book as an object of worship and reading as a form of fascination.

Our particular literary "canon". A semantic universe populated by symbolism, malditism, surrealism, melancholy, alchemy, utopia, adventure, eroticism, dandyism, sybaritism, soul, psyche, beauty, nature, philosophical science, strangeness, synchronicities, silences, shadow... Romantic Edition in form and content.

Áurea Collection

Metaliterary texts of (or about) reference authors. Anthologies. Interviews. Journals and memories. Complete works.

Cahiers Collection

Brief essays around the Wunderkammer universe. Classic and contemporary. Our collection of small jewels in mini format.