Wunderkammer collection

Our classic collection is based on a model of the legendary French publisher Jean-Jacques Pauvert, who literarily rehabilitated the Marquis de Sade, published the entire work of Raymond Roussel and discovered Boris Vian, among other feats. The original design has been updated by Hermanos Berenguer. We print the covers in mobile typography, that is, with lead characters, in an old Minerva. The elegant Bodoni has been cast especially for Wunderkammer in Swamp Press (USA). For the illustrations we have turned to another great one: Ernest Haeckel, German naturalist who with his work Kunstformen der Natur (1904) revealed himself as an immense artist, possessor of an authentic Wunderkammer essence. In each copy of this collection, the reader will find a miniature reproduction of one of its plates, to be used as a bookmark, to collect, to give away or simply to enjoy contemplating it.