W. G. Sebald en el corazón de Europa



Few contemporary writers can be said to have expressed the troubles of the "European soul" more eloquently than W. G. Sebald. But it would be necessary to go deeper into this statement so as not to fall into a paradox because, if something characterizes Europe, it is its multiple, diverse, polycentric, contradictory, unstable, moving nature, practically impossible to define and capture. Its identity is so refractory to stability, it is in fact so linked to metamorphosis, that it would fulfill immediately to say that the only order in Europe is the disorder of the tumultuous disaster, and that, in addition, the genuine foundation of Europe throughout history would have been no other than the "loss of foundations" itself. Following in Sebald's footsteps through his works, in parallel to key episodes in the History of Europe, Cristian Crusat enters the heart of the old continent to find himself no more and no less than with Cronos devouring his children. At a time when European identity is again being questioned, this essay offers us tools for a lucid, deep and literary reflection on Europe. Cristian Crusat (1983) is the author of several short story books such as Solitario empeño (Pre-Textos, 2015), and essays as Sujeto elíptico (Pre-Textos, 2019). His latest novel is Europa Automatiek (Sigilo, 2019). His work has been distinguished with awards such as the European Union Prize for Literature 2013 and the Tigre Juan Prize for Narrative 2019.

Cristian Crusat
W. G. Sebald en el corazón de Europa
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