Pequeño mundo ilustrado



Portable Encyclopedia of Amazement. Dictionary of wonders. Devotional of the beauty contained in the minimum, the elusive, the rare. This essay by the Argentine poet María Negroni is a particular archive of fetishes and obsessions, and also an itinerary through the most exquisite and impassioned corners of our cultural universe. Under his lyrical and lucid gaze, in alphabetical order, as if the fantastic world could be ordered, more than eighty short texts about castles, catalogs, curiosities cabinets, doubles, automatic dolls, single machines, Athanasius Kircher, Baudelaire, Joseph Cornell or Dr. Caligari follow one another. Objects and standard bearers of a common cause: "There is, for an artist, only a duty to avoid the univocal and remember that the beautiful is a species within the rare." This little enlightened world is a one-way ticket to many other discoveries and an invitation to the reader not to stop touring the world with astonished, and therefore happy, eyes of a child or an artist.

María Negroni

Pequeño mundo ilustrado

Colección: Cahiers – nº 4

Formato: 11 x 16,50 cm

208 páginas

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ISBN: 978-84-949725-6-0