La condesa sangrienta



This is the true story of Erzsébet Báthory, a 16th century Hungarian countess who was nicknamed "the bloody countess" or also "the vermin." A fascinating woman of magnetic beauty, her fixation for youth, witchcraft and a sadism out of all measure led her to become one of the greatest murderers in history: more than six hundred maidens died tortured and bled in the basements of her castle of Csejthe. Four centuries later, the French surrealist poet Valentine Penrose (1898-1978) succumbed to the Countess's spell and rebuilt her life in the form of a novel, with a thoroughness and an unusual lyricism. Above all prosecution, the author manages to transmit with freedom and liveliness the depths of a cursed character who has transcended the black chronicle to become a myth. Perhaps because, as Penrose states in the text: "We are not fascinated by the pleasant, we are fascinated by the unfathomable." With the recovery of this novel and the edition of the rest of his work in Colección Áurea, Wunderkammer rescues one of the most powerful and unique voices of surrealism.

Penrose, Valentine
La condesa sangrienta
Traducción de Mª Teresa Gallego Urrutia y Mª Isabel Reverte
Formato: 10 x 21 cm
248 páginas
PVP: 23 euros
ISBN: 978-84-949725-7-7