El ojo en la mitología. Su simbolismo



The eye is a constant element in the iconographic representations of all ages and cultures. Symbol of the sky and the divinity, it takes on many forms and nuances that the poet and art critic Juan Eduardo Cirlot (Barcelona, ​​1916-1973) reveals layer after layer with extraordinary scholarship and intuition. The eye on mythology was originally written in 1954, and is undoubtedly the germ of the later Dictionary of Symbols (1958), the author's reference work at the international level. From the figure of the god Indra sown with eyes, the slender eyes of the Egyptian paintings, the Romanesque seraphim with eyes on the wings or the representations of the Tibetan bodhisattvas, Cirlot spins a mythology of the eye that is both a history of culture and of the relationship of art with the sacred.

This edition tries to be as faithful as possible to the original, and includes twenty-two images that were mostly selected by Cirlot, as well as the facsimile of a postcard with the photograph of the caodaist eye, handwritten and preserved in the personal files of the Author.